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- To increase the supply of affordable economy-class residential buildings on the market of Yekaterinburg up to 2.5 million square meters;
- To provide high quality, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, well-maintained living space;
- To provide transport, social and engineering infrastructure to serve 85,000 residents


The  Solnechnyi district is located in the Chkalovsky District of Yekaterinburg, in the southern part of the city.

The architectural and planning concept of the Solnechnyi district implies quarterly construction of residential buildings (blocks) of a closed configuration. The distinguishing feature of this project is implementation of the concept of "closed" courtyards undisturbed by access and parking of private vehicles (the access available only to cleaning and special-purpose vehicles) to create a safe and comfortable environment for recreation, walking and children's playgrounds. The project includes extensive recreation park space in the central part of the area and a long pedestrian boulevard; the total area of both will be about 18 hectares. The parking needs of the residents will be taken care of through surface parking lots along the outer perimeter of residential buildings and within the district in the areas easily available to pedestrians.

Special attention is given to landscaping: well-designed pedestrian network, bike lanes and recreation, play and sports grounds. The district will have the essential outlets and amenities; its south-west part is designated for shopping malls accommodating retail, entertainment, administrative and office space as well as restaurants and cafes.